“I have found the one whom my soul loves.”
- Song of Songs 3:4

ph marriageCongratulations on your engagement! Mount Carmel welcomes you with joy as you prepare to celebrate your wedding! Parishioners at Mount Carmel, and non-parishioners alike, are welcomed to contact the Rectory one year in advance of a proposed wedding date. [Specific dates are only discussed after meeting with a priest.]

Because of the great vocation and gift given to both of you by God, there is a preparation of one year in advance of the actual wedding date. Couples attend both Pre-Cana and God’s Plan for a Joy-filled Marriage. These are two separate offerings where engaged couples encounter married couples, who share their joys and struggles with the transition from single to married life.

Marriage Registration

Planning Your Marriage at OLMC

We look forward to the celebration of your marriage here at Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
Please note the following steps to start the  process.

- Fill out the online wedding form HERE
- Once your form is processed, a priest will be assigned to your wedding. (You will be able to request a specific priest on the form.)
- The priest will then contact you to set up a time to meet.

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