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St. Patrick Parish » Religious Education

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 2022-2023 Program Components

  1. Monthly Class
  2. Online
  3. Service Project
  4. Parent Involvement
  5. Liturgical Celebrations

1. Monthly Class

  • Choice of: 
    • Tuesday 3:45 - 5PM
    • Wednesday 3:45 - 5PM
    • Sunday 5:00 - 6:15PM 
    • Sunday 7:30 - 8:45PM   
  • 7th and 8th grades meet on different weeks                         
  • Large group meeting in Parish Center
  • Small group breakout sessions with 1:8 facilitator to student ratio
  • 8 classes per year (September/October - April/May)
  • Students must attend all 8 classes
  • Make up class offered each month for students who missed their regularly scheduled class
  • Students who miss both a class AND the make up, must attend a class in MAY

2. Online

  • Student Responsibilities
  • Parent Responsibilities
  • Access AFTER monthly class


3. Service Project

  • Each student participates in at least one service project offered through the program
  • Options will be provided 
  • Parent Involvement 

4. Parent Involvement

  • You are a vital part of this program!
    • Small Group Facilitator
    • Back Up Facilitator
    • Make Up Facilitator
    • Service Project Chaperone
    • Social Chaperone
    • Lock-In Chaperone
    • Other
  • Protecting God’s Children and background check (Safe Environment Paperwork)

5. Liturgical Celebrations

  • Mandatory services for both 7th and 8th graders
  • Reconciliation will be held during Season of Lent
  • Mandatory Closing Mass for both 7th and 8th graders and their families


  • Families with multiple children in grades 1-8 pay a family fee of $275
  • Price for 1 child in Jr. High program $200
  • Price for new Youth Bible $30 (required for Jr. High program) 

** Please note: No child will be denied the opportunity to participate in the Jr. High Program due to their financial situation. Options are given in the registration about scholarships or contact Youth Ministry Office for more information. **

Youth Ministry

  • Optional events for both 7th and 8th graders
  • Jr. High Lock-In Retreats
  • Socials
  • Summer Service Camp

Those in our Jr. High Program can use this site to find the online sessions for each class including the assigned homework, audio, video and written word.  There are also resources such as recommended books, places to visit, and movies to watch. The website is to be accessed AFTER the monthly class as a review.  Please use the proper icons on the tabs above to locate the session you need.

Student Responsibilities

  • Visit the Student Page to listen, watch, and read materials
  • Complete any homework assignments and bring them to the next monthly class
  • Take the online quiz
  • Reflect on and discuss materials with your parent

Parent Responsibilities

  • Visit the Parent Page to listen, watch, and read materials
  • Reflect on and discuss materials with your child
  • Make sure your child can identify all the terms in the "Glossary" section each month
  • Teach your child from the BRINGING THIS SESSION HOME section on the parent page. (This does NOT appear on the student page!) 
  • Explore the other interesting segments of the parent and student page

PLEASE NOTE: Your child will be quizzed on the glossary terms, Bringing this Section Home material and the Jumping Ahead materials in their next class.

Session One: After their October session but before their November session
Session Two: After their November session but before their December session
Session Three: After their December session but before their January session
Session Four: After their January session but before their February session
Session Five: After their February session but before their March session
Session Six: After their March session but before their April session
Session Seven: After their April session but before their May session


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