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Home Groups Grade 1-6 — Many families throughout the parish establish Home groups for religious education to experience the wisdom of faith in a home setting.  These groups are convenient for families and give the youth an opportunity to participate in a smaller group.  Home groups are established by the catechist and meet once a week. 

There is a five (5) person minimum for each Home group.  If you are interested in establishing a Home group, please contact Michael Cesario, for a copy of the mandatory “Home Group Application Form” that anyone (even those who had a home group this year) who wants to have a home group must submit the form to receive approval for the Home Group no later than March 10th. Please note that each home group must have a designated lead catechist who will be responsible for all correspondence with our office. Also, no child that is not listed on the submitted application form will be permitted to join or switch into a home group. Home group registration closes on May 6th.  After this date, no child will be permitted to register for a home group.

Click here to download the application form.


Registration for Home Groups:

Home Group Lead Catechists or parents interested in becoming a Home Group Lead Catechist should complete the Home Group Interest Form (Click here) and submit it to Michael Cesario by April 1st.

All children in a Home Group need to be registered by their parents in person.  The Interest Form is not your child's registration. 

All parents must register their child in person by the time registration closes on May 6th.  We will not allow any family into the program after this date (even if you are on the interest form).  There will be a $50 late fee for all payments received after May 6th. 


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