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In the Italian town of Assisi during World War II, 300 Jews were sheltered and protected by a peasant turned priest, Father Rufino Niccacci. He dressed many of them as monks and nuns, taught them Catholic ritual, and hid them in the monasteries. Others lived in parishioner's homes and, with fake identity cards, found jobs and blended into the community. The town's printing press, which during the day printed posters and greeting cards, at night printed false documents that were sent by courier to Jews all over Italy. Rating: PG
Category: Jr. High to Adult     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Netflix - Amazon - Trailer


Parish Video Library


Our Parish Video Library contains a list of recommended movies and DVDs for all age groups in a variety of different categories.
You can find these in different locations:
Ridgewood Public Library (Ridgewood PL), The Youth Center (YC) & Religious Ed Center (RE), and at Netflix or Amazon.com