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PatchAdams1998, 1 hour 56 minutes
While Robin Williams has demonstrated an almost preternatural ability to sublimate his well-established comic persona when essaying dramatic roles, the thoroughly enjoyable Patch Adams is one of those rare movies that allows him to play a memorable character who's alternately silly and solemn. He's perfectly cast as real-life doctor Hunter "Patch" Adams, the sawbones with a smile. Patch believes heartily in the healing power of humor, which he dispenses regularly to patients over the objections of a staid, established medical establishment. Frequently sidesplitting, but also profoundly moving in spots, Patch Adams provides a dazzling showcase for one of the screen's most popular and innovative stars. Rating: PG-13
Category: Jr High to Adult     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Netflix - Amazon - Trailer

Parish Video Library


Our Parish Video Library contains a list of recommended movies and DVDs for all age groups in a variety of different categories.
You can find these in different locations:
Ridgewood Public Library (Ridgewood PL), The Youth Center (YC) & Religious Ed Center (RE), and at Netflix or Amazon.com