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JohnXXIIIAuthor: Kerry Walters
ISBN#: 9781616367510
Publisher: Franciscan Media - 2014
His adult life was unremarkable; in his role as Papal Nuncio to France, he was considered an “affable amateur.” When he was elected pope in 1958, it was thought he would be a placeholder, someone who was easily controllable until the Curia could decide on a worthy successor. Instead, Giuseppe Roncalli, Pope John XXIII, distinguished himself by establishing a spirit of aggiornamento— “opening wide the windows of the Church” and convened the Second Vatican Council in 1962.     
Category: High School - Adult     
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Parish Library


Our Parish Library contains a list of recommended books for all age groups in many different categories.
You can find these in different locations:
Ridgewood Public Library (Ridgewood PL), The Youth Center (YC) and at Amazon.com