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TickleYourSoulAuthor: Sr. Anne Bryan Smollin, C.S.J.
ISBN#: 9781893732001
Publisher: Sorin Books, Notre Dame, IN - 1999
Captured in a happy blend of psychological and spiritual principles, coupled with anecdotes and folk wisdom, Tickle Your Soul delivers joy, health, and wellness. Offering pathways to happier wholesome living, popular speaker and spirituality writer Anne Bryan Smollin enables readers to "wrinkle their faces with smiles" and avoid "drying up their souls like prunes." "We are all born with a sense of humor," Smollin observes, "but it is a gift that we must develop as we age. The payoff is not only joy in our souls, but health and wellness."     
Category: Adult     
Locaation:  Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com - LOOK INSIDE


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Our Parish Library contains a list of recommended books for all age groups in many different categories.
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