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Dear Friends,

Varia – unrelated items of interest, as we head into late October.

-This weekend is dedicated to World Mission Sunday. If you’ve noticed on the bulletin boards in the front lobby and in the Passaic Street entrance, there are huge posters inviting you to “Chat With Pope Francis,” about the Missions, with directions how to go onto Facebook Messenger App to hear the Pope speak about the Missions. (It really leads me to think seriously about the way we communicate with the parish if the Pope is so far ahead of us). But the point of the chat, and of the celebration of World Mission Sunday is to remind and encourage us that the Church must be missionary, that it is in the very nature of the Church to announce the message, the Good News of Jesus Christ to a world that is in dire need of hearing some good news. This “work” of the Church is being carried out in every part of the world, by dedicated religious and lay, for whom the experience of Jesus Christ cannot be kept to themselves but must be shared. It’s as simple as that. Should you and I do that? If we’ve encountered Christ in our lives that way, we definitely should look for times and ways to share that experience with others. Pray on that a little, and pray for this worldwide mission of the Church. Financial support to carry on this work is also appreciated. Envelopes are on the tables at all the doors of the church and may be placed in the usual boxes.

-Next Weekend is “Prayers and Pampers” Day. October is Respect Life Month, a time dedicated to remember the cause of life and ways in which we can advance that cause in our society. Like the cause of the Missions, the first way is through our prayer. Pray (perhaps the Rosary) that the Lord move the hearts and minds of men and women to come to know the beauty of life, the sacredness of life and the joy that new life brings to the family. Recently I baptized the 12th grandchild of a couple with deep roots in OLMC. What a joy there was in this extended family as grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins gathered to celebrate. So pray that God may move hearts and minds to understand His plan for humankind and the sacredness of life in the heart of that plan. The second way is to assist with gifts of pampers, or food gift cards or monetary donations which are then distributed to various pregnancy centers to assist those who “choose life.” I know that whatever you do lifts the spirits of those who choose life, even sometimes against great odds.

-Also next Sunday, please return the envelopes with the names you wish remembered in the Novena of Masses beginning on All Souls’ Day, November 2nd. Nine days of Masses are celebrated for those we love who have passed. Also, on the Saturday following All Souls’ Day, the parish offers a special Mass of Remembrance for parishioners who have passed since the last All Souls’ Day. I invite as many family members as possible to attend this special remembrance and to come to know the consolation that God and faith can bring to your time of grief. That Mass is celebrated on Saturday, Nov. 4th at 11:00 AM.

-Thank you to all who accepted the invitation, through Stewardship Renewal, to help the parish grow and deepen its witness to God’s love and goodness in Jesus Christ, by offering your talents in some area of parish life and ministry. I’m not sure what the numbers are, but that’s not really as important as keeping before all our eyes the call to a deeper experience of discipleship. Though the formal Stewardship Renewal time is passed, the boxes are always there, you may always volunteer and there will be times when we put out a special call for a stewardship response for one of our ministries. Thanks again for listening.

God Bless,
Fr. Ron


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