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Dear Friends,
Thank you:
-to all who were able to make it to the 9/11 Mass. It is an important human quality or characteristic to be able to remember and when we come together to “remember” those who lost their lives on that horrific day, we show to those who continue their lives with a hole in their heart that we, their friends and neighbors, have not forgotten and we hope this is a consolation for them.
-to Jeff Voigt and the entire crew that made the Block Party another great success. They put in a really long day to make this a special moment in the life of our parish. When Lou Dinella moved to Florida I worried about who would step up and continue this job of coordinating the many hands needed to make this work. Jeff did, and did a great job. Thanks to all who stopped by and especially to every child and young person who took such delight in dunking whoever was in the tank at the time, myself, Fr. Kevin and Deacon Jakov. This year, the tank seemed especially susceptible to dunking but it was great to see the smiles on the kid’s faces. Thanks again to all who made the day a great one. And to God for the really fine weather.

As you can see from the cover of the bulletin, this is ACADEMY OF OUR LADY WEEKEND. It is the weekend we remember that we do have a Catholic School in this parish, but it just so happens that we share it with our neighboring parish, St. Catharine’s, and it just so happens that it’s on their grounds (because they have more property than we do and a bigger building than we do).

The Academy is very much a part of our apostolates and we are very much a part of its life. Many families of our parish go there; a number of our parishioners teach there; our priests celebrate Mass there, hear confessions there and often teach there. Sometimes we lose sight of this fact because the school is not on site, but it is very much a part of our parish life.

The Academy advances the apostolate of the parish, as an instrument for formation and education in the Catholic faith. It fulfills the objective of the Parish Mission Statement that appears weekly on the front cover of this bulletin, believing in Jesus Christ and embracing his teaching to be the light of the world – into the future. The heart of the school is faith formation, a solid grounding in the beliefs of Catholicism, lived out in a community of love, respect and joy. God, Jesus Christ, religion and values are very much a part of the student, in instruction, in atmosphere and in the personal relationships between teachers and students and between students and students.
Having said this, I need to add that by all measurements, The Academy of Our Lady is an excellent school academically. The Academy is a Blue Ribbon School, nationally recognized by the US Department of Education. This year, the school will be establishing a chapter of the Junior National Honor Society. All the teachers are certified, many have or are working for advanced degrees and all have been through the state-mandated background checks. Our new principal comes to The Academy with many years of administrative experience. The school consistently does well in academic competitions and standardized testing. I’m sure many know about Regis High School, an all-boys New York High School whose entire student body attends on academic scholarship. I’m told that over 1,000 students apply each year. For two consecutive years, 3 boys each year, have been accepted, a testament to the academic prowess of The Academy. The Academy of Our Lady is an excellent investment in your children’s future.

This brings me to a final plea as we celebrate Academy of Our Lady Weekend. Beyond tuition additional resources are needed to keep the school flourishing. Some of these resources come from the fundraising of the Home and School Association and of the Fathers’ Guild, but an important part is the Annual Fund Appeal. Each year, I ask each of our parish households (myself included) to pledge a hundred dollars, as a single gift, or a monthly payment for the next four months, to help us continue to make this important way of providing Catholic formation available for future generations. At $25 a month, it is an investment in the future of the Catholic community that is certainly worth it. Catholic School education is a proven plus when it comes to practicing and active members of the Church in the future. I pledge, won’t you join me in this crusade for our children? Envelopes are in the pews and may be placed in the baskets with your ordinary gift, or in the boxes at all the doors of the church. Thank you and …

God Bless,
Fr. Ron
PS. Of course, if you would like to give more, all the better.


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