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St. Francis of Assisi has always been my favorite of all the saints partly because we both share a love of God’s creatures (he is the Patron of Animals), but more so for a quote of his, “Preach the Gospel always….when necessary use words!” I think the reason why this quote of St. Francis holds such meaning for me is because I have experienced the truth of these words.

Growing up, I came from a three generation household, something very few young people experience today. My grandfather (my mother’s father) lived with us – he even resided in the house before I was born! To top it off, I was also the youngest of four – fifteen years between me and the next oldest!

My family was the typical Irish Catholic type… the only way out of going to mass on Sunday was death. Yet Monday through Saturday there really wasn’t much conversation about God; no reading of the Bible as a family, no family prayer time and no conversation on how to become more active at church.

If there was no conversation about religion and the importance of faith, then how in the world did I end up working for the Catholic Church for the past thirty five years? Words were not necessary. It was the actions of my family members that spoke louder than any voice ever could.

Every morning I would watch my father get ready for work at 5:30am – not because he had to be in the office early, but because he attended daily mass before heading to work. He even went on Saturday morning! He never spoke about it, he never encouraged me to do it, but his action instilled in me the understanding that before all other things, God needed to be a part of your daily life.

As I would pass my grandfather’s room during the day, he would have out a stack of prayer cards he had collected over the years from the funerals of family members and friends, most of whom I had never met. I would watch him take each card in his hand and say the prayer on it for the person it commemorated. He would not stop until the entire stack was finished. Each year, that stack would get larger. He never verbalized to me why he did this, he never told me to pray for those who have passed on, but his daily testimony was all I needed to realize this was important. He died my senior year in high school. The only thing I asked for was his stack of prayer cards, which I still have to this day, adding those I have collected over the years, making the pile even higher.

My sister, Marie, taught me that helping those in need was not just something “nice”, but was also a “requirement” of being Christian. Marie would always take me along on shopping escapades or on trips to different places. When Christmas shopping, she would always be buying socks, toys or books for no one on our list. I would later see her wrapping these items, placing a tag on them which read something like “Boy Age 5” or “Female – adult socks”. She would then bring them to church, me in tow, and place them under the Giving Tree. She didn’t do things like this just at Christmas – it was a WEEKLY event…or should I say “a way of life”. Marie taught me that giving was more important than receiving; that being a Christian went far beyond just going to mass; that not only did you need to KNOW your faith, you had to LIVE your faith.

I guess St. Francis is my favorite because he reminds me to LIVE my faith, just as my family members did….without even saying a word!

May you be that example of the Gospel to your children, grandchildren, niece or nephew, Godchild or complete stranger! And when necessary…..use words!

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