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Dear Friends,
I told you last week I would not write again until September, but I just wanted to do a few “housekeeping” reminders before everyone takes off for destinations far and wide.

Thank you for your generous support for the work of the Holy Spirit Fathers on Mission in last weekend’s mission appeal. With the tithe, the Mission Appeal collection was $15,352. God bless all who are so generous in support of the work of the Gospel...

Thank you to all who continue their pledges to the We Are Living Stones campaign. In June, we received another payment from the Archdiocese for the parish share of the campaign which amounted to $80,170. Checks in the amount of $2,672 went out to the three charitable works we support in our tithe on campaign funds, Good Counsel Homes, in Spring Valley, The Nurturing Place, in Jersey City and Free the Kids, supporting Fr. Marc’s work in Haiti. As to our parish projects, the rectory window project is complete and we are about to sign contracts for the second project on the list, the replacement of the windows in the lower level of the school. Thank you to everyone who pledged and continue to honor those pledges. You have made all this possible. If you might be a little behind, please do whatever you can to help. God bless all. You are so generous in support of the parish.
And speaking of the support of the parish, we are about to enter the summer months when many are away. But the parish remains. One way to continue your support is to sign up for ParishPay, the electronic arm of parish giving. This is the way I choose to support the parish and it continues on a monthly basis, wherever I might be. And joining this electronic system is as simple as one click on your computer. Simply go to the website and click on the icon for ParishPay and you’re half way there. Using electronic giving is a great way to support the continuing work of the Church and of the Gospel no matter where you are. Please consider using it.

Finally, I remind everyone of the Sharing God’s Blessings campaign, what formally was called the AAA. My column this week has touched on support for the poor (in Africa, Jersey City, Spring Valley, Haiti) and support for the parish. Sharing God’s Blessings is about support for the Archdiocese, but not as a company or organization. It is about support for the Archdiocese as it offers help to parishes in need, to programs that help seminarians, youth and seniors and, especially, about support to the poor and the needy through Archdiocesan support of Catholic Charities, in programs for the homeless, the hungry, the disabled and the elderly. I know many are redeeming their Living Stone pledges, as I am, but I ask that you also support the Archdiocesan effort in caring for the needs of those closer to home, as I do. Pledge envelopes are available in all the bookracks at all church entrances.

Finally, and really, finally, this week we celebrate the 4th of July, Independence Day. While the country struggles through difficult days, acrimonious debate and endless rounds of demonstrations, we are still blessed with freedom, and equally endless opportunities to enjoy blessings not available to so much of the world’s population. Join us on Tuesday morning, July 4th at 8:30 Mass to give thanks to God for all those blessings we enjoy and to pray for the welfare of our country and then go off to enjoy the parade and all that goes with Independence Day celebrations.

Have a great 4th of July and a great summer. And as far as this column goes, see you in September.

God bless,
Fr. Ron

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