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Dear Friends,
While I was definitely in shock when the Cardinal asked me to be the Vocations Director of the Archdiocese of Newark, I've realized in the past six weeks that my time here at Our Lady of Mount Carmel has equipped me with the most important tool for my future ministry - a sincere, profound experience of love. How else can a Vocations Director speak about the joy of the priesthood to future candidates, if he himself has not had a joyful experience? In my short three years here, you've changed my life completely. This parish has authenticated God's call for me, calmed my fears and affirmed me in my decision to be a priest. What better way to guide men who are discerning, then to speak about you and how rewarding it is to have served you and loved you.

It is also worth noting that you've played a huge role in the formation of priests as well. Father Ron has had 17 associate priests in his time here, most of which have gone on to become pastors of parishes. While no one can deny his abilities as an extraordinary mentor, your role has also been essential. Please continue to pray for us, encourage us, be patient with us and most importantly of all, forgive us.

My first weekend at the parish was Corpus Christi and it will also be the case for my last weekend. This has reminded me that the love that binds a priest to his people is rooted and fulfilled in the Holy Eucharist. You truly have been my first love as a priest, and I will cherish you always.

Thank you Fr. Ron! You're such a faithful son of the Church! Your relentless fidelity to God and His people will be something I will never forget and will always strive to emulate. Thank you brother priests, deacons and parish staff for your patience with me!

One final request: please pray for me and for more priests! A simple prayer for vocations:


In Christ,
Father Gino


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