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Dear Friends,
This is a weekend for two celebrations and an announcement. Yesterday (Saturday), the Archbishop ordained seven new priests for service of the Church of Newark. Ordinations remind me to ask all of you to pray for vocations. The materialistic world is a tremendous lure. Against the noise of this world, the Lord speaks a call to serve in His Church. But that call needs to be recognized and to be heard. Pray for that, that those to whom the Lord is speaking will be able to hear His Voice against the noise of this world. I see generous hearts all around, like the teenagers in our Confirmation program who engage in all manner of service projects. But they need to hear first. Pray that they do. And pray for these seven new priests that God will help them be true servants of Jesus Christ, in love with Him and the people to whom they are sent. And pray for the Church, under the leadership of Pope Francis, that it may be ever more holy, ever more conscious of the Lord’s presence and ever more courageous in announcing Jesus as Lord through their ministry.

And along with all of them, pray for those who have been entrusted with the responsibility of helping men discern that call to serve in the church as priests. I especially commend to your prayers, Fr. Gino de la Rama who has accepted a new assignment as Director of the Office of Vocations and will be leaving Mount Carmel next month. It falls to Fr. Gino and the Vocations Office to recruit new candidates for the priesthood and to help them discern the call of the Lord to serve in His Church. You will be hearing more about this change in the next few weeks.

As you might have just guessed, this is also the time for the assignment of the newly ordained priests and the newly ordained deacons, and the re-assignment of priests throughout the Archdiocese. I have been informed of the assignment of Fr. Antonio Kuizon as the new Parochial Vicar at the parish, replacing Fr. Gino and the assignment of Rev. Mr. (Deacon) Jakov Vidov, as a transitional deacon for the coming year. The transitional deacons are those who will be ordained priests one year from now. More about these two men in the coming weeks as well.

At the same time, two other members of the parish staff will be leaving, Melissa Peters, from the position of Assistant Parish Catechetical Leader and Kim Birdsall, from the position of Director of Jr. High Youth Ministry. We are sorry to see all three of them leaving and we wish them well. More information will be forthcoming about a day and time for proper recognition of their contributions to the life of the parish.

The second celebration is tomorrow, Memorial Day. It is the special day set aside by the nation to remember all those who gave their lives for the cause of freedom, and the other precious gifts we enjoy as a free people. These men and women, from all the wars our nation fought, answered the call to look at life in a larger way, beyond their homes, families and work. They were asked to see that life cannot be measured by what I have, or even what concerns or affects me; but to see, at times, I need to acknowledge that I am part of a wider world, and what happens “out there” also impacts me.

These men and women made the supreme sacrifice in giving their lives, sometimes in causes they may not have fully understood. But, by their sacrifice, they secured a way of life for us and we now reap the benefits of our national heritage because of them. And the call to serve, with the same risk, continues to be made and men and women continue to offer the same supreme sacrifice. And let’s not forget those men and women wounded in our most recent military wars, those who bear the physical and psychological scars of those wars and have returned home to face a bleak future, even in hospitals which, apparently, aren’t serving them in the way they deserve to be cared for. We need to be attentive to every opportunity to assist them, and with more than our prayers.

Take time out on Monday to remember the dead, either at our special Memorial Day Mass at 8:30 AM, or at the program in Van Neste Square Park, or in some other way. Be inspired by them and learn from them that we do not live our lives just for ourselves.
Happy weekend, everyone.

God Bless,
Fr. Ron


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