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Dear Friends,
Varia – a number of unrelated items
On the Gospel. Continuing with the Gospel readings in cycle A, as with last week’s Gospel, today’s Gospel comes from the Gospel of John. As with the gospel of the Samaritan woman, it is filled with symbols. The blind beggar is never identified by name and the word John uses to denote him implies the blind condition of humankind in general. This blind beggar (blind humankind) never asks for a cure, never asks to see. Continuing the work of the Creator, Jesus molded clay and touched the man. This new sight that is about to be given (not restored, because the beggar was born blind) is a free gift from Jesus. Using mud as if it were an oil of anointing, he smears it on the man’s eyes and sends him off to wash (the waters of baptism) and having washed, he returns able to see. Eventually, after two run-ins with the Jewish leaders, he encounters Jesus again and now Jesus offers him the chance to believe. And the man responds that he believes, much as the Samaritan woman did in last week’s gospel.

But notice the details of this Gospel. Confusion reigns supreme. In the mind of the cured beggar. In the minds of the onlookers and of his parents. Only not in the minds of the Jewish leaders because they have closed their minds to the possibility that Jesus might just be able to cure their hearts, which are blinder than their eyes. Remember what I wrote in my column last week, “Don’t expect to be hit by lightning. Clarity, belief, discipleship, for both the woman at the well and the blind man came slowly and not without effort. They needed to take that first step…These Gospels… challenge us to look deeply into the well of our own souls to discover whether Jesus is the one who is truly giving us the answers to our lives and whether or not His light helps us to see those answers clearly.” Even though the blind man could see, only slowly did he come to understand what that meant to him, but, in his heart, he was always open to the deeper experience. So too with us. As we travel along in life, we must always be open to a clearer understanding (sight) of the Lord’s place in our lives.

Another thought. One of the ways we can come to this greater clarity is by a deeper involvement in the mission of the Church. At times, we need a greater focus on our faith. If we only rely on our prayer life and on our efforts to live the commandments, we may find that all the other things going on in our lives can easily push faith, if not out, then into the background. It is a truism that being more active in the mission of the Church deepens our spiritual life and deepens our awareness of the Lord’s presence in this journey that we’re all on. It’s the whole meaning behind STEWARDSHIP, that when we practice giving some of our TIME, TALENT AND TREASURE, to carry on the mission of the Church, we experience the Lord’s presence in a deeper and more meaningful way. And as a parish, we need to keep this mindset more in the forefront of parishioner’s minds and hearts. To do this, I would like to re-establish the STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE. This committee works to keep Stewardship in the forefront of people’s minds, to help people keep asking the question – how can I make the mission of the Church more my own, how can I make the Gospel more alive within this parish and even the community, how can I be a more faithful witness to God’s love for me in His Son, Jesus Christ. If you want to help us be that kind of an evangelizing parish, please let me know, either by an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or a phone call, 201.444.2000, ext. 201.

Another thought. I just wanted to up-date you on the LIVING STONES campaign. We just sent checks in the amount of $4,120. to each of the three charities we promised to support as the tithe for the first 10% of every return to the parish from the on-going redemption of pledges to Living Stones, namely, The Nurturing Place in Jersey City, Good Counsel Home, in Spring Valley, and Free the Kids, supporting Fr. Mark’s orphanage in Haiti. A big thank you to all whose faithfulness in redeeming their pledges makes this possible. Please continue to “redeem” your pledges so these important works can continue. The next project on the parish level, the replacement of the windows in the lower level of the school, is now in the planning stage.

The last thought. Please consider a pledge to the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal, Sharing God’s Blessings. It makes possible the efforts of Catholic Charities to continue to serve the hungry, the homeless and the unemployed, as well as assistance to parishes in need. Envelopes are in all the bookracks at the doors of the church.
God Bless,
Fr. Ron

P.S. The applause is beginning to return to our celebrations at the 9:30 and 11:00 Masses. Those choirs know you appreciate their efforts. But we don’t applaud the servers or the readers when they do a good job. Please refrain from applauding, it’s not a show, and if someone starts, please don’t join in. Thanks.


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