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Dear Friends,
As I have been saying in some of my homilies over this Christmas Season, when Advent is the longest it can be, the full four weeks, as it was this year, then the Christmas Season (liturgically speaking), is the shortest it can be, as it will be this year. So, for instance, we didn’t have Holy Family Sunday because there were no Sundays between Christmas and New Year’s Day. This also means that the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, normally celebrated the Sunday after the Epiphany, will be celebrated tomorrow, Monday, January 9th, and the Christmas Season will come to an end tomorrow. This also means that if you fancy yourself as having a green thumb, you are invited to take home a poinsettia plant from anywhere in the church, after Mass today.

We celebrate today the Feast of the Epiphany, or the Three Kings. Epiphany is a Greek word meaning manifestation. It celebrates the manifestation of God’s plan for salvation in His Son, Jesus, the Christ, to the gentile world, represented by the three kings or wise men. It is interesting to note that this event is recorded only by Matthew, who writes his Gospel for a community of Jewish Christians, and his main theme is to show Jesus as the true and long-expected Jemaah Messiah. But at the very beginning of his Gospel, Matthew already uses events (the arrival of the Kings) to show that Jesus is much more than that. He is the Lord, not just for the Jewish people, but for the whole world.

Because the Church sees these kings, wise men, as travelers and seekers, it has, for many years, celebrated this week as National Migration Week. Perhaps today’s Feast and week might challenge you to read some of Pope Francis’ words on the care of immigrants and you can find them by going to the Vatican Website. Those words might touch our hearts and tweak our consciences about how we look at, and weigh the immigration issues on the national agenda, especially in light of the recent election. We cannot applaud the Pope only when he speaks and does things which shake up the church bureaucracy. We should also applaud him when he preaches and teaches the Gospel truth of Jesus. That’s his job as well.

On the last two weekends of the month, the parish will offer the men and women of the parish a chance to re-connect with the Lord and to share faith with other men and women in a unique experience called the Cornerstone Retreat. This year there will be a bit of a difference between the Women’s Cornerstone and the Men’s Cornerstone. Men’s Cornerstone will retain the familiar format, beginning Friday evening, Jan. 27th, around 7:00PM and ending Saturday evening, Jan. 28th around 8:30. Women’s Cornerstone will be a one day retreat, on Saturday Jan. 21st. Both opportunities offer a closer relationship with the Lord and a connection to others (men and women) who are also striving to find a place for God in their hectic lives. Representatives will be making a short presentation at the end of all the Masses this weekend. Registration information for both is in the bulletin this weekend. I encourage as many as possible to take advantage of this great opportunity for Jesus to become a bigger part of your life.

Finally, if you have not seen him on the Nightly News or in the newspaper, I want to introduce you to your new Archbishop, Cardinal Joseph Tobin, who was installed last Friday at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark. Because the bulletin is printed before the Installation, I can’t tell you how it went, but I will share thoughts on it next week. In the Eucharistic Prayer of each Mass we always pray for, “Francis our Pope,” and in the past “John Joseph, our Bishop.” Now you will hear, “and Joseph, our Bishop.” Let’s include him in our prayers every day.
God Bless,
Fr. Ron


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