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Dear Friends,
Varia – a number of unrelated items:
- I am sure most, if not all of you, have read about the appointment of a new Archbishop of Newark, Cardinal-designate Joseph W. Tobin. It is extraordinary in many ways, that it came so soon after Archbishop Myers turned 75 (less than four months), that Newark will now have a Cardinal as Ordinary of the Archdiocese, and that it involved the transfer of a Cardinal from one diocese to another (never done). With all of these circumstances, it does show Pope Francis’ concern for the Church of Newark. I had the opportunity on Monday to have lunch with Cardinal-designate Tobin (along with other Archdiocesan officials). He was warm, down-to-earth, well spoken, with a wealth of experience and a hearty sense of humor. I believe he brings to Newark a new life and energy that will soon be evident, and a deep faith in the power and grace of the Lord in all our lives, lived in the image of leadership exemplified in the life of Pope Francis.

Those who attend daily Mass know that I am a great believer in divine providence, that God works His will in our lives and in our world, always for the better, but at His own speed, not ours. Many were disappointed when Archbishop Hebda was transferred to Minneapolis, and wondered why God would have done that. God has answered that – and then some.

- Many thanks to all those who participated in the first survey that the parish conducted a few weeks ago, on the Sunday liturgy. Some 370 people took the time to complete the survey, either on line or on the hardcopy available in the lobbies. The Committee is in the process of digesting the results and drawing conclusions from that discussion and figuring out a way to report those results to the parish. In the meantime, the second survey is ready and available this weekend, again either on-line or in hardcopy version at the doors of the church. We’d really like to see the number who take the survey grow, so even if you didn’t take the first one, please consider taking the second. On-line info appears at the top of the right side column on the next page.

- Up-date on We Are Living Stones. Contracts have now been signed and the windows are in production. Even with the weather turning colder, I am hoping phased installation might begin in early December. At the same time, though it is not part of Living Stones, but to keep you up-dated, the company has begun taking measurements of the school and convent roofs for the installation of solar panels. New pledges to Living Stones can always be made and then envelopes are in the racks at the doors of the church.

- On a sensitive subject and I don’t mean to hurt any feelings. The subject is the tendency to applaud the efforts of the choirs (children, adult, bell) after they’ve finished a piece of music, especially a meditation after Communion. Sometimes, if Communion is still going on, and the choir has finished, people will still applaud while Communion is still being distributed. Is applauding morally wrong? No. Is it disrespectful of the Blessed Sacrament? There might be a difference of opinion on this one, but, for me, no. But is it disruptive of the spirit of prayer, which the Mass is, I would definitely say yes. I hope the choirs know how much all of us appreciate their hard work, their efforts and their talent. And I’m sure they do. So may I ask that we refrain from what has become this all too common practice. And if some begin it, may I ask the congregation, as a whole, not to join in. Again, I hope I have not hurt anyone’s feelings.

-I write this on the morning of Election Day, before the winners and losers are known. When President Lincoln drafted the first Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, the Nation was in the midst of a bitter and bloody Civil War. Lincoln envisioned the day as a day of prayer in thanks to God for His blessings on the country and prayer for an end to that bloody struggle. While it is not bloody, many commentators remind us that the divisions are approaching the same level of bitterness. Each year, on Thanksgiving morning, we have a special Mass of Thanksgiving at 8:30 at which we bless and distribute bread to be shared at your Thanksgiving tables. This year, I would suggest we also use this Liturgy to pray for greater unity, an end to bitter division and an effort to work together to find common ground on which we can find solutions to the problems that confront us. Make an effort to join us in this Special Purpose Thanksgiving Liturgy.
God Bless
Fr. Ron


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