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Dear friends,
As we come to the third and final week of our Stewardship Renewal, I want to say a word of thanks for the events of the last two Sundays. First, to all those who labored so hard to make the Block Party such a great success. You know, when you think of a block party, you usually think of just that – a specific block on which all the neighbors gather for games, competitions, food – just to share each others’ company and have a good time. That’s what happens “on our block” and I am so grateful to all the people who work very hard and very long (on their feet) to make it happen.

I usually don’t single anyone out but this year I have to. Lou Dinnella and his wife, Grisell have been organizing this from the start. But this year was different. They actually have moved to Florida. But they came back to give it one last shot. I am so grateful for their years of service and for coming back to make sure everything went smoothly. God speed to them in their new neighborhood.

A second thank you to all who made the Ministry Fair last weekend such a success. Once again, many people gave of their time to staff the individual ministry tables, standing many an hour to do so. As I mentioned in my homily, I wanted to put faces to the words in the bulletin, faces that could share their stories about working in the various ministries that keep Mount Carmel alive and well. Thanks to all of them for their dedication to their ministries and for taking the time to explain them to anyone who passed by. A special word of thanks to Deacon Nick and Deacon Bob Liwanag who also spent many hours putting it all together.
This week, Renewal focuses on the Stewardship of Treasure.

The Stewardship of Treasure is not about church expenses and the funds needed to support those expenses. The Stewardship of Treasure is about the material blessings that God has given to each of us. It is about giving because God has given first. It is about returning to God a portion of the Treasure in gratitude for these gifts. None of us can deny that God has blessed us with an abundance of the material things of this world. We live in the richest country in the world, and in one of the richest parts of the richest country in the world. We have those cars to drive. We can go out to dinner, to a Broadway play or a hockey game. We can buy gifts for Christmas and birthdays for family and friends, and go away on winter vacations and even long weekends (when the schools are closed). Literally hundreds of millions of people in the world are not so fortunate. When we stack up all these things, one on top of the other, then compare them to what we give back to God as a sign of our gratitude (maybe the two or three dollars we are about to throw into the collection), can we really say it is a sign of gratitude? The Stewardship of Treasure is about gratitude for blessings received, and then given back. Think about it!

Stewardship is about Going Green for God, a lifestyle in which my Time, my Talent, and my Treasure all work together to help me live as a disciple. It can also be compared to wanting to live a healthy life. What advice do most experts give? Healthy eating, regular exercise and the right amount of sleep – that’s what they tell you. When a person does all three, they work together, to contribute to healthy living. Leave one out and healthy living is not complete. It’s the same with Stewardship. It is about returning to God a portion of these gifts because in this total giving of our lives, in thankfulness to Him as the Giver, I am more receptive to the life of God within me, more aware of His presence every moment, and more active as His disciple and witness. We do it for the world, now let’s do it for God and the Gospel.

During this coming week, reflect on your lifestyle and the priority you give to God, signified by what you give back to Him in thanksgiving and the way you support the work of the Gospel and the building of His Kingdom. Then make a conscious decision about what is appropriate for both.

In speaking of the offering of our gifts to Him, the Lord says, through the prophet Malachi, “Try me in this, says the Lord of hosts: shall I not open for you the floodgates of heaven, to pour down blessings upon you without measure.”
God Bless,
Fr. Ron

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