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Dear friends,
You know how buzzwords and buzz phrases can take over a vocabulary. You begin to hear them spoken and see them written all over the place. Even in the church environment we are subject to this kind of over-usage. In the past, words like “affirm”, then “enable”, now “unpack,” (and I don’t want to go into explaining their meanings – it would take too much space) became staples of our conversations.

Another one of those buzzwords that is now very popular is “going green.” It refers to someone or something that is totally committed to environment awareness, global warming, and the like. Some years ago, even the Vatican went green with new solar panels in the audience hall and other advances that will make it, not only energy efficient, but environmentally friendly. This was even more emphasized by Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si, on the care of our common home, the earth. When a building is built in NYC and is said to be totally green, it means more than efficient, it means the building itself, in its materials, in its HVAC systems, its waste water systems, its contribution to the natural exchange of gasses (by having a roof garden, watered by recycled waste water), etc is contributing to the future well-being of our planet. It’s a good idea, whose time has come, hopefully not too late. OLMC will “go green” to some extent when we replace the energy inefficient windows in the rectory and when we install the solar panels on the roof of the school.

In the Church, we have another name for “going green.” It’s STEWARDSHIP. Our lives, lived in total Stewardship, contribute to the future well being of the Church, the Gospel message, the Kingdom of God. A building is not green just because its heating system is on a day/night timer. It’s green when all the systems work together, in balance and harmony with the environment to contribute to its long-lasting good. And that’s also true of Stewardship. A person is a Christian Steward when all the “systems” of one’s life work together, in balance and harmony with the KINGDOM OF GOD to contribute to its long-lasting good, even to its growth.
Again this weekend, we continue our focus on STEWARDSHIP RENEWAL. In it we ask you to check out your life – are you “going green for God.” Are all systems on go for the future of the Kingdom, your Time, your Talent, and your Treasure? Not one, or the other, not one or two out of three – but all systems go. In this time, which began last week, and will continue through next Sunday, we focus on these three building blocks of “going green for God.” And at the end of that time, as usual, we will ask you again to recommit yourself to this major commitment to the future of God’s Kingdom, as the world is asking each of us to commit ourselves to the future of our planet. Are you up to both tasks?

Today’s focus is on the Stewardship of Talent. God has blessed each and every human person with gifts and talents, abilities and skills, natural and acquired, which the Lord expects you to use for His kingdom. Music, accounting, gardening, listening, gentleness, compassion, whatever. We all have them, but HOW DO YOU USE THEM?

In the bulletin this week, there is a special insert which lists all the ministries in the parish. Take it home with you and look over all the opportunities there are to help the Kingdom of God grow in our corner of the world. And stop by at the MINISTRY FAIR, in the tent on the front plaza and learn from those already involved how that involvement makes a difference. Not all the ministries listed in the insert may have a table either because of limited space or the nature of the ministry but you can always go to the website or call the contact person or call the rectory for more info. The insert and the Ministry Fair have two goals – to inform and to invite. To inform – you may not realize what’s happening in the parish; we want to let you know so that you can be assured that the parish is doing everything we can to spread the Gospel and build the Kingdom. To invite – the parish wants to invite you to look at yourself, see your strengths and talents and to put them to use to join us in this building (of the Kingdom) project.
So, after you’ve looked and listened, then PRAY OVER IT AND SEE WHAT GOD IS ASKING YOU TO DO. After eight years, its time for the next generation of stewards to step up to the plate. GO GREEN FOR GOD – BE A STEWARD OF YOUR TALENT!

God Bless,
Fr. Ron

PS. You may have seen in the papers an article about a new playground in town, sponsored by Kaboom, Windsor Academy and financed through a grant from PSE&G. What they failed to mention is that the site of this playground is on Mount Carmel property. They were able to accomplish this because of our permission. So feel free to use the playground


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