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Dear friends,
Welcome back. Welcome home. Happy New Year. All sentiments that have to do with beginning and return, returning home from vacations, returning back to school, beginning a new school year and a new program year. All conjured up by the idea that September marks a change. For some, it’s the first time a child has gone off to college. For others, the first time a child will go off to school for a full day, every day. Whatever the case may be – let’s all step into this new present with a renewed sense of hope for all that can be and a new vision and dream that we can make it all come true.

But first, it’s also catch up time because I want to catch everyone up on the We Are Living Stones campaign. The parish received the first check for the parish portion of the campaign in the amount of $175,801.07 and on June 27, 2016, Good Counsel Home (Spring Valley), Free the Kids (Pwoje Espwa, Haiti) and The York Street Project-the Nurturing Place (Jersey City) each received a check for $5,860. As their share of the 10% we promised from those proceeds. On October 1, Sr. Mary Spano, a Sister of Charity of Convent Station will join the parish staff as Pastoral Associate for the Sick, Homebound and the Elderly, a position, once held by Sister Lucy Sullivan, funded as part of the parish share of the Living Stones Campaign. Within the next week or two, we will go out to bid for the replacement of the windows in the rectory. Hopefully, we’ll be able to complete the work before the winter sets in and significantly reduce our energy costs. This is also a project funded through the parish share of the Campaign. And funded through the generosity and commitment of the 540 donors. Thank you, once again. Please remember to continue to fulfill your pledge. Pledges can still be made and pledge envelopes are available in the racks at all the doors of the church.

Now – onto the future. Next Sunday, 9/18, the parish will host our annual block party, with games and food and rides (and maybe even a dunk tank). It’s a time to celebrate ourselves, to walk around and greet old friends and meet new ones. To see the smiles on the children’s faces, painted and the original, to enjoy a bit of good food and, hopefully, sunshine and pleasant temperatures. And all for free. It’s our chance to say thank you to each and every one of you and to celebrate what you bring to our parish community. Come and join the fun.

That same weekend, and continuing for three weeks we will be conducting our Stewardship Renewal, and returning to the practice of our Ministry Fair. It’s been six years since we held the last one and you know how much things can change in six years. I wonder how many versions of the iPhone have come out in that time. People have moved, both in and out. People have passed. Some ministries have passed, as well and others have been born. The Ministry Fair gives us all a chance to see what keeps Mount Carmel alive. More importantly, Stewardship Renewal gives us the chance to ask ourselves how I live my Catholic Christian life, and how my life helps the Church grow and give greater witness to Jesus Christ, who constantly asks us – “Do you love Me”? Stewardship is about how I answer that question. More will certainly follow but for now, mark your calendars and please be sure to stop by at the Fair.

A number of other things will be happening during these next few weeks, the Mass of Anointing, the Academy of Our Lady weekend, and the announcement by the Neocatechumenal Way of the up-coming Catechesis.

The lazy, hazy days of summer are over. Get ready, get set, let’s get moving.

God Bless,
Fr. Ron

PS. If you’re reading this on-line, or have seen the website or our Facebook page, you know that the 9/11 Memorial Mass will be celebrated tonight (tomorrow night) at 6:30 PM. Please join with the rest of the parish in remembering the ten parishioners, and the other residents of Ridgewood, who lost their lives fifteen years ago for no other reason than that they are Americans. We should never forget.


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