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(Guest Columnist—Glen McCall)
Today, at the Vatican, Pope Francis made it official…..the woman we all know as Mother Teresa is now Saint Teresa of Calcutta!
It is always exciting (at least for me) when the Church recognizes a new saint. What is even more exciting in the case of Mother Teresa is that most of us remember her life among us here. We witnessed her deep devotion to the poor in the harshest slums of India.
It wasn’t until this petit nun in an unfamiliar blue and white habit won the Noble Peace Prize in 1979 that we even knew her name. Her directness, her passion and devotion captured our interest in wanting to know more about her and this Order of nuns she began.

With time we discovered how she left her original Order, The Sisters of Loreto after hearing God calling to her on a train ride through India to work with the poorest of the poor. How some felt she was a misfit and would not survive on her own. One of the superiors in the Sisters of Loreto even commented “She cannot even light a candle correctly. How is she going to start her own Order!”
We discovered how she started by picking up one dying man in the street and caring for him until he died. How she slowly gained the trust of the People of India and began accepting other women into the Order of the Missionaries of Charity who not only took the three vows of poverty, obedience and chastity but also accepted a fourth, “wholehearted free service to the poorest of the poor”.

She also never minced words. When receiving a donation, Mother Teresa would very rarely thank the person. Instead she would say “There is more you can do”.

She was a source of great faith. During the Lebanon Israel War of 1982, Mother Teresa felt called to enter into West Beirut to offer assistance to those affected.

West Beirut was constantly under fire. She sought the help of the U. S. Ambassador to gain entry into the area. He informed her that it was impossible for her to enter safely. Mother Teresa’s response was “I have been praying to Our Lady for a cease fire tomorrow – the day before her Feast Day so that I may go in.”

The Ambassador was moved by her faith and said to her, “Mother I am a man of faith as well but do you realize what you are asking of Our Lady and the time restriction you have placed on her. Don’t you think a little more time would be needed for such a thing to happen?” But Mother Teresa was adamant. She would be going to West Beirut the next day under a cease fire.

The Ambassador agreed that if the next day there was a cease fire, which was highly unlikely, he would personally see to it that she was escorted into West Beirut.

The next morning there was a cease fire…..Mother Teresa and her sisters went in and rescued sixty Muslim physically and
mentally handicapped children from a bombed out orphanage. Within twenty-four hours after they left West Beirut the cease fire was over.

This is only one of thousands of stories about this remarkable Servant of God.

May we be inspired by St. Teresa of Calcutta to have the energy to serve God where he is calling us, the compassion to love the poorest of the poor and the faith to ask for “Cease fires”!

You must find your own Calcutta. - St. Teresa of Calcutta


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