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Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
There is no better time than the summer! Things tend to slow down a bit. Maybe some of us have the opportunity to go on vacation while others even have the blessing of spending time with family and friends that we normally do not see throughout the year. As a small nugget for your consideration, I would just like to offer one note regarding Christian leisure as it relates to us as Catholics.

Namely, we are people who value our relationship with the Lord and have among our fundamental concerns in life the gift of Eternity with the One who in all His goodness, gave us the roadmap for salvation. The Holy Mass, as the high point of every Sunday, can offer us the same feeling of detachment and leisure as these summer months bring. It is here, in the house of God, that we're given the opportunity to remember that more exists than what the world would like to suggest. Instead of dreading the end of summer, perhaps we can grow invigorated in our commitment to the Sunday Mass, knowing that it is in the Holy Presence of God where Jesus desires us to rest in Him. It is here that he calls us to be cradled in His Divine Love for us and renewed in our commitment to grow in limitless intimacy with God who yearns for us. May we grow in the knowledge that every Holy Mass is a vacation from the world, and a communion with Heaven!

God bless you!
Fr. Gino

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