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Dear Friends,
We Are Living Stones. This past week, the parish sent three checks, each for $5,860 to the three charities that are the recipients of our 10% tithe for the parish portion of the We Are Living Stones campaign. Two weeks ago, the Archdiocese deposited in our account the first return for the parish portion of the campaign, $175,800. The Building and Grounds Committee of the parish Finance Council is in the midst of planning for the replacement of the rectory windows, and we will shortly advertise on the ministry website the position of Pastoral Associate for the Sick and the Elderly. Living Stones is paying off for the parish, thanks to your generosity and your vision for the future of this parish community. So far, 518 households have pledged $2,005,115.49. Thank you for your generosity and for your commitment. Pledges may still be made and pledge cards/envelopes are in all the racks at the doors of the church.

Summer. Finally, it seems we are graced with summer. I’m not a great fan of warm weather but, after a very erratic spring, it’s nice to have had some really nice days, although, I suspect, the lack of rain will soon begin to take its toll. More importantly, summer means a more relaxed style of living, greater freedom for personal plans, more time to enjoy family and friends. Take advantage of it to do all of the above, and more. The parish is in the midst of its Summer Religious Ed. Program, with 220 children here every day so, as a parish, we’re not quite there (summer relaxation) yet but we will be soon. I wish all of our parish households and families the joys that summer brings.

Wishful Thinking. I would suspect that the next months before the November election will be a bruising time for our country. The divisions in our political life just seem so deep, and the animosities so strong, that civil dialogue, let alone consensus, seems an unattainable goal. These last months have also seen the same depth of division on a number of issues here in the Village. But because we are neighbors, we should be able to find common ground through good listening and good will. Let’s all pray the local leadership will find a way to heal old wounds and help build a common vision for the Village in the face of the challenges that we must face together. I hope this is not a pipe dream.

A Pipe Dream. If you’re as old as I am, you will remember a movie that I saw many times on TV as a child (but too young to see in the theaters when it first came out) – The Bells of St. Mary’s, with Ingrid Bergman and Bing Crosby. Part of the plot was the seeking of divine intervention for St. Mary’s neighbor to donate his newly constructed building to be used as the new parochial school. I’m in the same frame of mind. I don’t know if you noticed that the building across from the church on the corner of Passaic and Prospect is for sale (by the way, property that once belonged to Mt. Carmel. Like the movie, my pipe dream for divine intervention would be that the owners donate it back to Mount Carmel. Then we wouldn’t need to renovate the former convent, not to mention the additional parking. (Fr. Peter used to pray for that all the time). Oh well – like I said, under the category of a pipe dream.
God Bless,
Fr. Ron


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