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Dear Friends,
Memorial weekend – the unofficial start of summer. If the weather helps it along. It would be nice, since most of May has not been.  Memorial Day – a day of “runs,” of barbeques and trips to the shore, the mountains and other places of recreation.
Memorial Day – a day to remember, to remember those who paid the price for us to do all of the above, a day we should not forget them, no matter what else we do.

Stop and offer a prayer and give thanks for their sacrifice. In their name, I offer the following prayer:
Blessed are you, Lord our God, Who rules the days and the nights, and the times and the ages, and blessed be your holy name which we invoke, in asking you to be present with us here today, and we bow in humble gratitude for the gift of freedom, of life and of service to others.

We are created in your image, and you have challenged us to build a kingdom for you, a kingdom of justice, love and peace. Though You are a God of peace, down through the ages you have called men and women to take up the cause of justice, that true peace may reign, men and women such as Moses and Gideon, Deborah, Sampson and David.

Surely your goodness and your mercies have followed us all the days of our lives, but on this day we pause to remember that our blessings and our liberties and our rights have been secured at great sacrifice to others. These gifts we treasure, knowing that they are ours because of the valor of our fallen heroes, men and women of our nation, named and unnamed, who left home and family, who left security and peace, who left their dreams and plans, to defend a way of life and a conviction about governance and equality, about justice and peace.

On this weekend, help us to remember them, these our sacred dead, from the yesterdays of Gettysburg and Normandy, to the todays of Syria and Afghanistan. In a special way we remember all of those who have given their lives in these last fifteen years. May the sacrifice of these lives be instruments you use to bring an end to hatred, establish justice and freedom and open our hearts to healing.

We remember, too, the broken hearts of those who mourn. Console and strengthen them. Touch their hearts with the knowledge that we too mourn their passing as we honor their sacrifice.

We also, Lord, lift our prayers on behalf of our nation’s men and women who have pledged their lives to defend our freedoms. Give them courage in the midst of a complex and dangerous environment. Protect them by your might, great God and King. Finally, Lord, because we know you love us, we cannot end our prayer without a cry for peace. Raise up in the world those who would find that path to peace so that we may live in the hope of a better tomorrow.

On another note, and looking forward to next weekend. On Saturday, June 4th, a member of our parish, Bob Liwanag, will be ordained to the deaconate. He will be only the second member of our parish ordained a deacon since the restoration of the Order of the Diaconate and its introduction in the Archdiocese of Newark in the late seventies. What a great blessing. More about it next weekend. But for now, you are invited to celebrate with him and his family as he exercises his ministry as a deacon for the first time next Sunday, June 5th at the 11:00AM Mass. A reception will follow in the Parish Center immediately following the Mass.
God bless,
Fr. Ron


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