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Dear Friends,
I want to share with you a true story I told at all the receptions for We Are Living Stones. As I have said, all 220 parishes of the Archdiocese are participating in this campaign. But some parishes have chosen to do a major campaign for parish needs as an “add on” to their campaign effort. I’m talking in the realm of 3 or 4 million dollars for additions to their parish buildings or really major renovations. About two months ago, I was at a meeting with some priests at which the pastor of one of those parishes was present. At one point, he calmly mentioned that he was working at this desk one day and a parishioner came in and handed him a pledge to the campaign for one million dollars – one million dollars.

That’s not Mount Carmel. That’s not who we are. I have always stressed my main focus, in the AAA and now this campaign, has always been the widest possible participation of our entire parish family, not the size of the gift. We all need to be part of the effort. This is especially true now, of We Are Living Stones, because the parish portion of the campaign could amount to somewhere around $700,000. And as I have said before, that’s our legacy, yours and mine, to those who come after us, that we’ve left them something to grow the Catholic faith in this Village and corner of Bergen County. This is especially true of the need to re-purpose the former convent so that those two upper floors don’t continue to go to waste but are renovated to be used to help the parish grow. As I wrote before, we once had plans drawn for this purpose but the price-tag of $800,000 was beyond our reach. While this may be the third project on our list, it might just have the most effect on the future of the parish and the way it carries out it ministries. But that can’t happen unless everybody gets on board.

This is Commitment Weekend. Through bulletin announcements and mailings, we have been asking the parish at-large to make a commitment to our future by being part of and pledging to the We Are Living Stones campaign. You should have received a pledge card and envelope in the mail during this past week. I am asking every household to consider a pledge of $4000. payable over four years. That amounts to less than $100. per month. If that’s difficult for your circumstances, I ask that you make a personal decision about the amount. I only ask that it be a pledge for the four years, as part of your pledge for the work of the parish into the future and that it represent something of a sacrifice, as those who went before us sacrificed (with a thirty year mortgage) to provide us with the beautiful worship space we call Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.

If you did not receive the material in the mail, pledge cards and envelopes are in all the pews this weekend. Whether you received one in the mail or take one from the pew, you may drop it in the basket at the Offertory collection or in the boxes at the doors of the church or mail it in the pre-addressed envelopes that are attached to the pledge card. Once again, it is my hope that every household be part of our gift for the future. So far, 158 households (including all of the priests) have pledged $1,095,835. What a wonderful and bright future it would be if we could get 1,000 households to be part of this effort.
God bless,
Fr. Ron


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