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Dear Friends,
Before I get to our plans for the parish segment of Living Stones, I want to share with you what’s happening today at the 11:00 Mass. You know (or may not know) that the Church prepares adults to enter the Church through an itinerary or process called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, commonly called the RCIA. It is a process over the course of months, but as long as a year or more, basically for those preparing for adult baptism, those who have never been baptized before. This past Easter Vigil, Kimberly Michel was baptized, after walking in this itinerary. Last weekend, Gail Julian was welcomed into this itinerary and, with the help of God, will be baptized at the Easter Vigil, 2017.

But there are others who walk in this itinerary as well, those who have already been baptized in another Christian ecclesial community, such as Methodist or Presbyterian or others, and now seek admission into the Catholic Church. We call this seeking “full communion” with the Catholic Church and they go through this same RCIA process, although it need not be for so long a time, depending on their individual background in formation. Rather than baptism, because the Church never baptizes a second time, they make a profession of faith, are received into the Church and then receive the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist. This year, we are privileged to welcome into full communion Jeannine Haas, James Ligget, Julie Ann Ogonis, Christina Pedersen and Stacy Young Strohmenger who will make their Profession of Faith at the 11:00 Mass, and will receive Confirmation and Eucharist as well. Also walking in the RCIA are those baptized Catholics who for some reason were never confirmed, including Edison Bastidas, Jason Provenzale, Gerardo Vargas and Madelyn Vitamia, who will also receive Confirmation and Eucharist this morning. God bless all of them and continue to pour out His love and grace on their lives.

Now, back to those LIVING STONES. In my column last week, and in the talks at the end of all the Masses, you heard that we will tithe on the first 10% we receive back as our share of the campaign and you heard about the three charities that will benefit from this tithe. If you weren’t here, you can get that info on our website by clicking the Living Stones link on our homepage.

What will we do with the rest of the funds that come back to the parish? First on the list is to re-fund the full-time position of Pastoral Associate for the Sick, the Homebound and the Elderly. Many will remember Sr. Lucy Sullivan. She labored in the parish for twenty years in this ministry. She was especially great at follow-up when parishioners were discharged from the hospital and for rounding up a network of people who regularly visited the homebound, assisting them with shopping, rides to appointments such as doctors or dentists, making sure someone brought them communion regularly or visiting them on a regular basis to just talk. It was a wonderful ministry that we need to re-establish and it is the first objective for the proceeds of this campaign.

The second and third objectives are more material and concrete. Our utility bill for FY 2015 was $210,000, a good portion of that being for oil and gas (the winter of 2015 was exceptionally cold). That’s because the rectory and former convent still have single pain windows. Our second objective for the campaign funds will be to replace all the windows in the rectory, the former convent and the lower level of the school building, saving utility dollars well into the future. At the same time, in cooperation with the Archdiocese, but not as part of this campaign, we will be installing solar panels on the roof of the school, also looking at future savings in the operating budget.

The third project is the re-purpose and renovation of the former convent itself. Since all the religious moved out, the parish has used only the first floor of the building for the offices of our Religious Education personnel. The second and third floors have basically remained unused, at the same time the parish is almost always strained to find space for the numerous ministries to meet. We would like to re-purpose those floors to take advantage of that space. Some years ago we actually looked into this but the $850,000 price tag, at the time, was beyond our means. This campaign will allow the parish to make some plans for this space, though perhaps not at that expense.

I know these plans are not as dramatic as building a new church, but they do achieve some solid and concrete goals for the future of this parish community and I hope everyone will help in this effort. As of the writing of this column, $1,018,263.17 has been pledged and $72,666. will already be coming back to the parish. If everyone helps, that figure could jump to over $650,000. Please help. Commitment Weekend is next weekend. I hope that every household will be able to make a pledge next week, one that represents a sacrificial gift for the future of this parish community.
God Bless,
Fr. Ron


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