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Dear Friends,
I continue this week in my presentation on the We Are Living Stones campaign. As I mentioned in my talk at all the Masses last weekend, We Are Living Stones looks to the future, seeking to ensure that the Catholics who come after us will benefit from as vibrant a faith as we received from those who went before us. It is not just about us – it’s about the future. (If you weren’t here last weekend, you can view my talk on the parish website by going to the home page and clicking on the Living Stones icon.

You should know the basics of the campaign by now. It is a partnership between the Archdiocese and every parish, splitting 50/50 all the proceeds after the Works of Mercy goal is achieved. Since we’ve already reached that, every dollar that comes in is split and as of this writing, $54,252 will be coming back to the parish. For a reminder about the Archdiocesan use of its share, once again, go to the website, click on the Living Stones icon and it will have a link to the Archdiocesan portion of the campaign.

But what about Mount Carmel – how will the parish use the funds that come back to it? Because we are, and have been for a long time, a tithing parish, the first 10% that comes back will be split among three charitable causes that the parish has supported in the past. These three causes were determined through conversations by the parish Pastoral Council, the parish Finance Council and the parish staff.

The first is The Nurturing Place, long supported by the MOM’s group in the parish. It is an early childhood development for homeless and low-income children in Jersey City. It aims to identify and arrest developmental delays caused by lives of poverty, homelessness and abuse and to overcome damage to their minds, bodies and spirits from the effects of poverty, poor nutrition and dysfunctional family situations.

The second is Good Counsel Home, Spring Valley, N.Y. Good Counsel is a nationally recognized nonprofit leader in creating supportive care and community-based services for homeless, expectant and new mothers and their children in the context of Catholic social teaching. It operates four homes, including the one in Spring Valley, which our Knights of Columbus Council has supported for a number of years now. Pregnant and expectant mothers, with or without other born children, including mothers with mental health or addiction challenges are able to receive help in a Good Counsel home.

The third charity is Free the Kids, an American foundation that is the funding arm of Pwoje Espwa Sud or Project Hope, in Haiti. Its mission is to alleviate the devastating effects of poverty on the youth of southern Haiti by providing a home and refuge for orphaned and vulnerable children, currently housing 450 children, aged 9 to 20. It strives to help each child meet his/her potential, by providing a roof over their head, clean water to drink, medical and dental care and a quality school to attend and hope for the future. Fr. Marc Boisvert, the founder of Project Hope, has been to Mount Carmel, and other churches in the area, seeking support for his work.

Once again, if you go to the website and click on the Living Stones icon on the homepage, it will provide you with the links to these three charities, if you want more information on the specifics of their work. To repeat, the first 10% of the monies returned to the parish will be divided among these three charities.

Next week, I will present the remaining plans we hope to accomplish with that portion of the campaign that comes back to the parish.
God Bless,
Fr. Ron

PS. For those who attended a reception but have not yet returned their pledge card, please do so by either dropping it off at the rectory or mailing it directly to Newark in the pre-addressed envelope you received with your packet. As of this writing, the pledged amount is $951,273.


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