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Dear Friends,
First, let me take this opportunity to express my thanks to all those who helped make the Holy Week and Easter services so moving. I want to especially say thanks to Fr. Robert and the liturgical ministers who planned and carried out some unique Masses/services which really happen only once a year. The liturgies so well done and, therefore, so spiritually moving. A thank you to Peter Sicko and the entire music ministry for the beauty of the music and, again, to Peter for the beauty of the Easter decorations, which he organized and arranged. And lastly to the members of the Youth Group for the Living Stations of the Cross on Good Friday evening and for the liturgical ministries in which they served in the auditorium on Easter Sunday.

I cannot also help but think of the Palm Sunday procession from Vet’s Field to the church. It was another inspiring moment in the parish’s celebration of the mystery of the Cross and resurrection. For me, it was a spiritually moving week to be a member of this parish community.

And speaking of this parish community, but on a much more down-to-earth topic, I want to write a moment about the We Are Living Stones campaign. You may have noticed the bulletin cover last week, and again this week. Or you may have noticed the two banners in the front of the church. But you may not have paid much attention to the materials that went to every household in the parish, inviting everyone to a reception for We Are Living Stones.

We Are Living Stones is the Capital Campaign of the Archdiocese of Newark, in partnership with each of the 220 individual parishes. What does that mean? Each parish has a goal. Part of that goal is called the Works of Mercy, which are the funds to operate the Archdiocese, called in the past the Annual Appeal. EVERYTHING COLLECTED AFTER THAT AMOUNT WILL BE SPLIT 50/50 BETWEEN THE ARCHDIOCESE AND THE INDIVIDUAL PARISH. To put it into concrete terms – Mount Carmel’s goal is 1.47 million dollars. Our Works of Mercy figure is $126,000. Through the various receptions, we have already surpassed the Works of Mercy goal. Every dollar that comes in from this point on is split 50/50 between the Archdiocese and the parish. If you do the math, the parish has the potential of realizing $672,650. from the campaign. Through the reception phase of the campaign, your fellow parishioners have pledged $838,596. Beginning today, I am making the appeal to the whole parish.

How will the Archdiocesan portion be spent? The overwhelming portion of the funds raised for the Archdiocese will go into three endowment funds, two of which already exist. One fund is for the training of seminarians, the priests who will take our places in service to our Catholic people. The second fund is for retired priests care and medical needs of aging priests (including myself). The new endowment fund will be a Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund to help Catholic families who desire to send their children to Catholic School. The 4th element of the campaign on the Archdiocesan level is the Parish Renewal Fund, giving priests and laity the tools and skills they need to work more effectively together in the life of the Church and parish.

How will the parish portion be spent? Everyone knows that we are a tithing parish; we tithe 10% of our income to worthy causes. For the purpose of this campaign, three charities have been chosen to split that tithe; the Nurturing Place, in Jersey City, Good Council Home in Spring Valley, and Free the Kids home for children in Haiti. After that, the parish portion will be used (1) to fund for three years, the position of Pastoral Associate for the Sick, Homebound and Elderly, the position formerly held by the late Sr. Lucy Sullivan, so fondly remembered here at OLMC, (2) in our on-going effort to conserve, to replace all the single pane, energy inefficient windows in the rectory, former convent and basement level of the school, and (3) re-purpose and renovate the former convent, whose upper three floors have gone un-used for almost ten years. These projects will help us to continue to be a vibrant Catholic community of faith.

You can find these details on our website, by clicking on Living Stones on the homepage. You can also find details about the work of the three charities by clicking on the appropriate links contained within the Living Stones icon, as well as a link to the Archdiocesan portion of the campaign.

During the liturgy today, there will be a video on the campaign. More, next week.
Happy Easter,
Fr. Ron

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