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Dear Friends,
Six years ago, in a newspaper I never mention by name, there was a story of two young children. They were both eight at the time and their names are Orel and Marya. At the time, they had been neighbors for nearly a year. They talked, they watched television together, they shared favorite foods and treats. She liked his mother’s eggplant dish. He liked her father’s rice and lamb. They are best friends. He is wild and impulsive; she is smart, up-beat and strong-willed. But friends put up with that in each other.

Orel and Marya were patients in a hospital in Jerusalem. Orel suffered brain damage during a Hamas rocket attack from Gaza. He is an Israeli Jew. Marya’s spinal cord was severed when an Israeli jet fighter mistakenly hit the car in which she was riding. She is a Palestinian Muslim. They don’t understand. They were kids. They play. They talk. They cruise the hospital corridors in their wheelchairs. Someone forgot to tell them they were supposed to be enemies. They had developed a kinship that defied ancient hatreds. That bond had brought their families, of different backgrounds, cultures and religions together as well. And it inspired the hospital staff, volunteers and parents of other children in the hospital as well.

Like the world into which Orel and Marya were born, our world is so often filled with the darkness of the tomb, the thousand tombs of our hardened hearts, of our despairing spirits, of our disappointments and our dashed hopes, of our misunderstandings and misjudgments and our refusals to allow the love of the God who created us to raise us from these tombs of our own self-confinement. And this election cycle only seems to deepen the darkness of that of those tombs.

Today we come to renew our faith, to be inspired – no, more than inspired, to be graced by the resurrection of Jesus, now freed from His tomb of death, and to believe anew that He has the power to free us as well. The One Who was dead is now alive. The insulted, beaten, scourged and crucified One is now risen in glory, and the glorified One shares His life with us, to be, for us, our light so we may be for Him, His light in the world.

When you hate, and hurt, you are still in the tomb – come out!

When you seek your own advantage, and care only for success, you are still in the tomb – come out!

When your mind is closed to others and your hearts to their needs, to the poor, to strangers, to people of different cultures, religions, race, you are still in the tomb – come out!

When prejudice, despair, greed and death rule your life, you are still in the tomb – come out!

But when compassion, generosity, humility and selflessness triumph, it is Easter for you!

When love reigns and good stares down evil, it is Easter for you!

When resurrection is not only an event but a way of life, it is Easter for you!

When hope dispels fear and despair, it is Easter for you!

When the light of faith illuminates the winter hearts and exhausted spirit, so as to know that we are embraced by God, it is Easter for you!

And when it is Easter for you, the Risen Lord truly lives in you and when the Risen Lord lives in you, it is Easter for the world.
And what higher calling can there be – to be Easter for the world, especially in our time and place, at this crossroad of our history.
Blessings on you and on all those you love.

Happy Easter,
Fr. Ron


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