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Dear Friends,
As you read my column this weekend, I will be on the slopes in Vermont and, hopefully, it won’t be as cold as it was last weekend. Mass attendance took a triple hit last weekend: (1) it was President’s weekend, and with schools closed for three days, many families were away, (2) Sunday was Valentine’s Day, and many went out somewhere on Sunday and (3) finally, it was cold, too cold to go out. I can tell you that it was cold, we lost heat in the rectory overnight Sunday into Monday and it was very cold.

Let me say a word of thanks to all those who responded so generously in volunteering to help with the “Living Stones” campaign. Over 180 people filled out cards to help, and I am extremely grateful. Hopefully you have been contacted for either mailings or phoning. Thank you.

Speaking of “Living Stones,” we will celebrate a “kick-off” Mass next Saturday at the 5:30 PM Saturday anticipated Mass. All the priests will concelebrate, the choir will sing and we will pray for the success of the campaign, initiated by the Archdiocese in planning for the future needs of both the Archdiocese and the parish. If you have nothing on your calendar, please come and join us.

On matters of the parking deck. In the bulletin of January 24th, I wrote that it was my understanding that (1) the footprint of the building was being reduced to remain with the footprint of the present surface lot and (2) the size of the building was also being reduced to be within the height limits set by the present code. Here’s an update. In communications with me, the architect informs me that the re-designed deck will need to come out a maximum of four feet from the footprint of the present lot. Even with this expansion, all the parking on the south side of Hudson Street (the church side) will be maintained, as well as four spaces on the north side. As I understand it, three lanes will be retained on Hudson Street, the parking lane on the church side, a thru lane in the middle and a left turn lane into the deck. (I hope I have this correct). While the footprint of the present lot was not retained, our primary objective has always been the retention of the on-street parking on the church side of Hudson Street, for regular church parking and especially for parking for a funeral cortege. If this is accurate, then the parish can live with the expansion of the footprint and the loss of six spaces on the north side of Hudson Street.

The second issue was the size of the deck. As of this writing, Monday, 2/15, the architect has not produced renderings/simulations which would show the deck as it is situated within the streetscape. Until these are produced, it has always been our position to continue to ask for a delay in the approval process. Nothing has occurred to change that position. However, even when they are produced, it seems to me the aesthetic judgment on the placement of the deck will be an individual one, rather than a parish one. I can envision some who might like it and some who might not. I encourage every parishioner to make that judgment and to make it known to the proper Village officials.

Another unanswered issue has to do with the re-direction of Hudson and Passaic Streets. We met with the Village’s traffic consultant and presented him with program facts and figures and the concerns they raise. We are still waiting for his response.

Finally, I want to clarify the issue of the BCIA. I know there is a petition being circulated against the Village’s plan to fund through the BCIA. I have said to many individually, but now I want to say to all – this is not an issue the church (the parish) will speak to. The funding mechanisms, the finances and even the placement of the deck are political issues between the citizenry and the elected Village officials. My only concern has been the protection of the life of the parish, worship, education/formation and social and to prevent disruption of that life.
I hope I have been doing that.

God bless,
Fr. Ron


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