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Dear friends,
The final words on the Philadelphia experience.
PS. It’s nice to be home, but if you’re looking for a really relaxing vacation, and a time to re-charge, I recommend a two week cruise, to wherever. And the days on the ocean were a reminder of the vastness, even of our own planet, and the “smallness” of humankind in its face.

“The trip to Philly was fun! I was moved by Andrea Bocelli’s performance of the Our Father at the Meeting of Families on Saturday evening. His voice was incredibly moving. The next day we waited in line for over 3 hours to get passed security in order to go to attend the Pope's Mass. I was frustrated at how long it was taking and tired of standing in one place without moving for such a long period of time. Complaining, I told my dad that I hoped the wait would be worth it. Not even 3 minutes after we passed through the TSA checkpoint, the pope mobile passed within 50 feet of us and Pope Francis looked directly at us, smiled and blessed us!”
Grace Finan, age 21

“Being able to attend the World Meeting of Families was an incredible and life-changing experience. How many people can say they stood fifty feet away from the Pope, and how many people have a picture of him looking and smiling right at them? Saturday night was definitely the best. After a long day of walking from the zoo, we were given the chance to sit, and rest on the grass before the Pope’s arrival for the concert. The most amazing thing I heard that night was Pope Francis’ answer to the question “What did God do before he made the world? He answered, ‘God loved, and his love was so abundant that it began to overflow, creating the world.’ Everything Pope Francis said over that weekend will always be something I will remember, and I was so happy to be able to share in the experience with my family.”
Olivia Finan, age 18

“The pilgrimage to Philadelphia for Pope Francis’ World Meeting of Families was an experience like no other. Being able to hear the Pope’s message for the families of the Church, while being surrounded by my own family gave me an insurmountable sense of hope. On top of this, the privilege allowed all of us to sleep at the Philadelphia Zoo, which was incredible because we all had the chance to live among the animals. Pope Francis has said that ‘we should approach nature and the environment [with] this openness to awe and wonder.’ Looking at all of the OLMC families with small children spending so much time with one another and looking at all the animals together helped me to embrace the Pope’s message more deeply. Over all, my experience on this pilgrimage was one that I will take with me forever.”
Isabel Finan, age 15

“My experience of seeing Pope Francis was unimaginable. Walking miles and miles each day was a downside, but we made the best of it. At first I said to myself, ‘This is a waste of time. Why am I going?’ I think I realized that Jesus wanted me there when we all waited on line for nearly 4 hours, listening to protesters, and just waiting to go to the Pope’s Mass. Father Gino reminded us not to engage these people; and I found it sad that they didn’t know about God’s love for them. The payoff for the waiting came just after we got through the security checkpoint. My sisters and I saw the Pope approaching our corner and we began to sprint! He passed within feet of us and smiled and waved! That’s when I knew that I came to Philly to be with my family and my faith. So, ‘Pope Francis, I slept in the zoo, just to see you! Thanks Father Gino, Father Kevin and Mrs. Hunt!!!”
Thomas Finan, age 12.

God Bless,
Fr. Ron


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