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Dear friends,
As you read this, I will be on my way home. The last two weeks you have been reading the reflections of some of the men, women and children who attended the Pope’s meetings/Mass in Philadelphia. The weekend before that, some adults from the parish went to learn about and to serve the poor in Camden. Here are a few of their reflections on their trip.

“Michael and I feel we have been very blessed and fortunate to live and raise our children in Ridgewood. As our children were growing up in town, we felt it was very important to keep them grounded. This was not always easy in our affluent community. So very early on we would do community service to help our children have more empathy for those with less. We have done many different types of service with and without our children but nothing was like our Camden experience.
So what made Camden different?
The Romero Center shared a lot of information with us over the weekend about why the working poor and homeless cannot afford nutritious food items especially the people of Camden. After hearing about the challenges of the working poor, they sent us out Saturday to shop and eat for the day as if we were a family on food stamps. This food shopping experience in combination with working in the community (especially Saturday night at the homeless shelter) helped us understand (first hand) the struggles these people face on a regular basis. The Romero Center worked hard to show us what life is really like for these people by the activities we did while at the Romero Center and the service work we did in the community. I have never been so fully immersed in a service trip as I was with this one.
I had a great weekend and met a lot of great people.”
Susan Haviland

“Sad. Mad. Helpless. Joyful. Optimistic. Hopeful …Connected. These are only a few of the emotions I experienced during our Service & Spirituality Weekend in Camden. The weekend was a home run! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know OLMC people I had never met before and was touched by the people I met in the nursing home and at the Shelter. It was hard to believe the depth of the need for help in Camden… and how that contrasts with our life in the Village. I can’t express how deeply this weekend affected me.”
Mike Haviland

“I have often thought about becoming involved in some sort of service to the poor, but then another distraction would come along and the thought would be put aside again. Having recently struggled with some health issues, I’ve come to realize how blessed I really am and when I saw the announcement in the bulletin I knew God was calling me. Participating in this weekend helped me to see that each person I met is another of God’s beautiful creations deserving love and respect.”
Laurie Degerdon

“Mahatma Gandhi once said: ‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.’ Oct. 2nd was Gandhi’s birthday so it is a good time to remember this.
There were many things I learned about myself on the service trip. I’ve always lacked confidence in building things around the house, but I learned to drill and shovel as we worked as a team to build an arbor for the Neighborhood Center in Camden. There was a great sense of accomplishment especially because it was for others.
Probably the best experience for me on the service weekend was serving dinner at the homeless shelter. To see people so grateful for something we take for granted every single day was both humbling and inspiring."
Deep Bagchee

Thank you to those who sacrificed their weekend. I hope we will be able to continue to offer this opportunity of service.
God Bless,
Fr. Ron


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