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Dear Friends,
As I’ve mentioned, I saved two weeks of my summer vacation for a cruise to Hawaii. As you read this, I will be on the Pacific (no cyclones, I hope). While it is only two weeks, it does cover 3 weekends away from the parish. I’ve done in advance the usual features I do for the bulletin, TODAY’S READINGS, NEXT WEEKEND’S PRESIDERS and STEWARDSHIP. For my PASTOR’S column, I’ve put together some reflections of those who went to Philadelphia to see the Pope (2 weeks) and those adults who went on the Service Project to Camden (the third week). I know you will find them as inspirational as I did.

The following begins in the middle of the reflections.

We began the first of four two mile hikes through the streets of Philadelphia on the way to Saturday’s Festival of Families celebration. We were a conspicuous crew. Numerous people came out to see us or greet us as we walked through very old neighborhoods of closely set back 19th century row homes. People were welcoming and National Guardsmen were omnipresent throughout the weekend – we were impressed by the friendly greeting and handshakes of the guardsmen and local police.

(Writing about Sunday now).

“We got through the security gates, and perhaps it was a sign for us, but within minutes of making it through, some of us got to see the Pope again. This time in bright daylight, this time in a Pope-mobile that moved much slower, this time where the Pope stopped to greet people for a few brief moments. Our hearts soared. How does one describe a mass for one million people? Featuring the Pope? Almost every one of us who saw and took it all in would say “mesmerizing.” An unusual sight though that many of us will never see again was the sudden appearance of countless priests escorted among the crowd by attendants with beautiful yellow and white umbrellas. Many of us had wondered if we were going to be able to receive communion? It was very clear there were a million people around us, how could we expect it? For a faith that celebrates the miracle of the loaves and fishes, we should have had no doubts. Everyone present received communion.”
Patrick Springer

“As a member of Our Lady of Mount Carmel for 63 years, I was thrilled to be ‘welcomed back home’ to go with the pilgrimage from OLMC to attend the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. I joined my daughter and two of my grandchildren, three generations sharing our faith together. A true blessing.
We anxiously waited to see Pope Francis pass by on Saturday evening on his way to speak to the Festival of Families. As he passed by we felt an incredible feeling of joy to be among the thousands of people proud to be Catholic. One thought remains foremost in my heart and on my mind. He said we can make a difference if we keep our faith strong. He also asked one favor from us all, ‘say a prayer for me.’ How blessed we all are to have this humble man, Pope Francis, lead our Catholic Church and its people into the future.”
Nancy Kolb Repetto

“The pilgrimage to Philadelphia to pray with Pope Francis was a once in a lifetime experience for our family! We could feel the energy in the crowd as the Pope came by, and that excitement was reflected in our children, which was a joy to see! To be at the World Meeting of Families and to hear the Pope speak and celebrate Mass, certainly strengthened our faith. However, we grew in our love of community as well. The trip was a bonding experience for our family and our church, and it was amazing to be surrounded by a larger community of Catholics who share our faith and love of God. This was a powerful reminder of the importance of religion and the church community in our lives.”
The Strohmenger Family

“When my mom told me we were going to Philadelphia to see the Pope, and sleep at the zoo, I was so excited! Every part of the trip was so fun and I felt so grateful to be in the Pope’s presence! He’s such an inspirational person, and as a Catholic I am so thankful that I got a once in a lifetime chance to be in the presence of the Pope!”
Kylie Liggett

“With complete faith our family jumped in with both feet to join the pilgrimage! Spending the weekend at the Zoo with our Mount Carmel parish reinforced our commitment to our family and faith. Pope Francis brought us together in the presence of a million strangers in celebration of truth, beauty, faith and love! The experience and memory of Pope Francis’ humility, grace and love will be something that we will never forget. This journey gave us great hope and light and made us reflect and realize how precious and important our daily interactions are with one another.”
Jim & Jennifer McGee-Liggett

“This was a great experience. It was so fun to be all together in the zoo and at the festival. Watching the Pope pass by was just amazing. I will remember it for the rest of my life. I feel even closer to God now from listening to the Pope’s great speeches.”
Ellie Liggett

God Bless,
Fr. Ron


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