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Dear brothers and sisters,
First, a big thank you to all who made the annual Block Party a success once again, in spite of the sprinkles that fell later in the afternoon. The weather was really good for the first hour and a half or so and then it turned cloudy, overcast and cool (just about the time Fr. Kevin went into the dunk tank). But all in all, it held out for most of the day. I’m told that we gave out about 1,400 drinks, 700+ ice creams and all 500 hamburgers, plus the hot dogs, cookies, empanadas and zeppoles. I hope everyone had their fill and had a good time.

So, thank you to all the people from the various ministries, the Knights of Columbus, the MOM’s, Religious Ed, who set up and staffed the booths and cleaned up. YOU made all of it possible. And a special word of thanks to Lou Dinnella (and his family) who really put all of this together, from booking the event (usually by October 1 for the following year) to the taking down of the yellow tape when everything is restored to normal. YOU also make it possible. I end with a line from an email Lou sent me, “Something that always makes me feel good is seeing the desire by the various ministries in their willingness to participate.” Amen to that.

Speaking of thank-you's, Msgr. Martin Keveny, the Missionary who was with us this past weekend and who spoke on behalf of his Diocese in Brazil, wishes me to express his deep thanks and appreciation for the warm welcome he received and the generous response to his appeal. God bless all who lifted his spirits in any way.

For those who were in the parish for the celebration of the church building’s fiftieth anniversary, you might remember the wonderful cocktail party under the tent on the Passaic Street lawn. Part of the event was the auction, both “live” and “silent.” One of the items that was auctioned (and I don’t remember whether it was live or silent) was reserved seating at the 4:00PM Christmas Eve Family Mass in the church. We may have even done it for the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of our local K of C Council. We are going to do it again this year but in a raffle form. The raffle will be for two families to reserve a pew each, in the front of the church for that mass. The raffle chances will cost $50.00 but only 300 will be sold for the mass at Mount Carmel. In addition, another 200 will be sold (using a different ticket) for the mass at St. Catharine’s. Why? It should be obvious that both Mount Carmel and St. Catharine’s are doing this together. It is because the proceeds of the raffle will go to the Academy of Our Lady. But not for the operating budget, like the Annual Fund Appeal does. The proceeds will go for the Tuition Assistance Program, to help those families who want their children to get a Catholic education, but for whom the tuition may be an obstacle. The proceeds of this raffle will go 100% to help meet the needs of those families. The raffle is open to all, as is the Fall Social, celebrated on October 17th, when the winning tickets will be drawn. The winner need not be present. Parents and children from the Academy will be at the doors of the church this weekend with tickets and with information about the Social. This will be the only weekend they will be here, but we will have information about how to get tickets between now and Oct. 17th.
You know that I think that the Catholic School, our Catholic School, has a valuable place to play in the apostolates and ministries of our parish, that it provides a place and an opportunity when academic excellence is fused with the Gospel message of Jesus’ love for us. What better place to celebrate the child’s opportunity to get to know Jesus, than in the celebration of the Child Jesus’ birth.

Also on this weekend, members of Women’s’ Cornerstone will be speaking briefly at the conclusion of each Mass about the up-coming Cornerstone retreat (10/2 & 10/3). They will give you the details and witness to the power of Cornerstone in their lives. The Cornerstone Retreat is not only a time to grow closer to the Lord, but also to hear the experience of others as they struggle with the issues of faith and the place of faith in their family lives. The Cornerstone experience, both women's and men’s, is slowly building our parish community as a faith-filled community that cares about each and every member. Why not try it.

Lastly, at his General Audience last Wednesday, Pope Francis asked for prayers from the whole Catholic world for his pastoral visit to Cuba and the United States. The Pope is not just a world celebrity. He is our spiritual leader, leading us closer to the Lord. I invite everyone to pray this week in a special way that the Pope touch the heart of both these countries.
God Bless,
Fr. Ron

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