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It’s finally here, officially, summer.  And with it a more relaxed lifestyle, vacations, trips to the mountains, the shore and beyond.  A time to unwind, refresh, for a family to enjoy each other’s company again.  I don’t know whether it’s because the winter was so tough or the spring so unsettled – but it almost seemed like summer would never come.  But here it is.  Enjoy every bit of it. 

For those fathers who didn’t get a pen last Sunday (and that’s every father who came to the 6:30 PM), I apologize.  We had ordered around 1300 and that didn’t prove to be enough.  We must have more fathers in the congregation than I thought.  Guess we’ll have to order more next year (and, I think, more carnations for the mothers on Mother’s Day). 

I will again follow last summer’s format for my columns during the summer, and that is to give this space over to the words of the Holy Father.  For the most part, we only hear what the secular media believes is important, and their interpretation of it.  During these coming weeks, I will offer the Pope’s own words.  I haven’t decided yet whether that will be from his weekly addresses and homilies, or whether I might do some extensive quoting from his first major Apostolic Exhortation as Pope, Evengelii Gaudiam, The Joy of the Gospel, which many characterize as the platform for his pontificate.  I don’t think I’m quite ready to get into his latest encyclical,  Laudato Si, Praise Be to You, on the environment. 

For the first time in a number of years, and maybe only the second time since arriving in Ridgewood, I will be out of town for the 4th (no marching this year) and so I wish you a happy 4th and if you’re skipping town after that, a really wonderful summer.  Be safe – be happy.

God bless,
Fr. Ron


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