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As a skier, I’ve always said I want a winter with plenty of snow – NORTH OF POUGHKEEPSIE!  Maybe it’s enough already.  As I write this, there may be another Sunday-Monday “event.”

First things first.  I want to say another word of our Parish Lenten Mission.  Over the years we have alternated various methods of presenting the Mission, both to try to reach as many people as possible and also to introduce people to different spiritualties, formats and experiences.  Once again, this year we are offering a different experience of Mission.  This year’s event will be a one-day Mission, early in Lent, to set the right tone and put people in the right frame of mind for a good follow-through for the rest of Lent.

As you can see from the bulletin, parishioners have the option of attending the entire day, from 9:00 in the morning to 5:30 in the late afternoon, and ending with the 5:30 PM Mass.  You can see the outline of the day in the box on page 3 of this bulletin.  The topics cover a wide range of our lives, discipleship, prayer, suffering and the Cross, etc.  That tells you something, but I would really encourage you to go to the website referenced on the bottom of the page where the workshops are explained in greater detail.  I think you will find them fascinating, a real enticement to spend the whole day in being attentive to the things of God (when was the last time you had an opportunity to do that?).  If you find you can’t make the whole day, I know you will find a great deal of value in a couple of the talks. 

 I invite and encourage everyone to take this day, or some part of it, to deepen their faith.  More than anything else you do, or more than any sacrifice you make, sacrificing this day will be well worth your while. 

 Now to the more mundane.  Today is Pledge Sunday for the Annual Appeal.  This year’s theme is Sharing God’s Blessings.  Both the theme and the video echo a call to help alleviate the needs of some portion of the people of God in the Archdiocese of Newark.  I know some people say, “Why should I contribute, and have asked that question for many years.  The answer always remains the same, because there are people in need, people close to us, geographically, people who are our brothers and sisters and they are in need.  As I always mention first-the people who are helped by Catholic Charities.  Most especially, those programs which receive very little funding from the government, like the homeless shelters in Hudson and Essex Counties.  These people rely on Catholic Charities to literally put a roof over their heads.  The 1.5 million dollar support from the Appeal helps to do that. 

 Care for the elderly and infirm retired priests is also a need that the Appeal helps to relieve.  Currently there are 22 retired priests receiving care in nursing facilities, including 6 in the Allendale Nursing Home.  After decades of looking after the needs of God’s people, they find themselves in need of care themselves.  Fr. Ed Thompson who served here a few years ago is one of those receiving such care at Allendale. 

 I hope you believe that you are well served by the priests who have been assigned to Mount Carmel.  Two of them appear in the video, Fr. Ivan Sciberras and Fr. Jim Chern.  But the Church needs to train their replacements and the Appeal goes to do that.  This very weekend, some 50 of our youth are on retreat at the Archdiocesan Youth Center in preparation for their Confirmation.  They are only a portion of the 330 of our teenagers who will have used the retreat facility during this year.  Another apostolate supported by the Appeal. 

 I said last year and I repeat again, the Appeal is not about a person or a bureaucracy; it is about need.  AND IT IS ABOUT PARTICIPATING IN THE MISSION OF THE CHURCH, to preach the “good news,” through charity, through formation, through healing.  This is what you are invited to be a part of in supporting the Appeal and in Sharing God’s Blessings. 

 Please help.  Please pledge. 

 God Bless,  
Fr. Ron


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