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SCULPTURE NAME: Homeless Jesus
SCULPTER: Timothy P. Schmalz

Inspired by Matthew:25, Timothy Schmalz created this life size statue of a homeless person sleeping on a park bench. It isn't until you get up close and notice the nail marks in the person's feet that you realize the person is Jesus! Timothy Schmalz, the sculpter, hopes to place one in each in every town to spread the Gospel message that Jesus Himself calls us to...helping those in need.

In 2013 Schmalz placed the first of his statues on the campus of the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. The second was offered to St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City but they declined it. St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Davidson, North Carolina was the first location in the United States to receive the statue. 

In 2013, Schmalz brought one to the Vatican to offer as a gift to Pope Francis, who readily accepted it, blessed it and gave permission for it to be placed on the street near the Vatican Press Office where a homeless woman had died while sleeping on a similar bench.

CLICK HERE To see Timothy Schmalz working in the clay model for the sculpture.


HomelessJesus5 HomelessJesus3
HomelessJesus feet HomelessJesusInSnow HomelessJesusWPopeFrancis