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7-4 Glossary



A system or organization in which individuals or groups are ranked one above another according to status or authority. Example: student is below a teacher, who below the principal who is below the school's superintendent.

CardinalsCOLLEGE OF CARDINALS: The College of Cardinals is the body of all the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church. The function of the college is to advise the pope when he summons them to a meeting known as a consistory. The College of Cardinals will also gather at the death of a pope to begin the process of electing a new pope. All cardinals under the age of eighty are permitted to vote for the new pope.

CARDINALS OF THE WORLD - Here is a video showing the world's make up of cardinals who participated in the election of Pope Francis this past March.   

diocesenjDIOCESE OR ARCHDIOCESE: Geographical region that a bishop or archbishop is responsible for. An archbishop will be in charge of a larger area than a bishop. The name of the diocese/archdiocese is usually the name of the city or town where the Cathedral is.

The State of New Jersey has:

One Archdiocese (which Mount Carmel is in) Newark (see link below)

Four Dioceses. Which are:

Archdiocese of NewarKARCHDIOCESE OF NEWARK: The geographic region that is made up of Bergen County, Essex County, Union County and Hudson county. It is the archdiocese that Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church belongs to. It was established as a diocese in 1853 and became an Archdiocese in 1937. It covers 511 square miles and has over 1,220,143 Catholics living in its boarders. Link to Newark Archdiocesan Website