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stlucyBorn: 283 (about) in Syracuse, Italy
Died: 304 (about) in Syracuse, Italy
Canonization Date: Unknown
Patron: The Blind, Writers, Martyrs, Salesmen, Malta, Syracuse, Italy.
Feast Day: December 13th

St. Lucy was born about 283 AD to wealthy parents. At age five, her father died, leaving her mother, who was in poor health to care for her.

In order to insure Lucy would be taken care of, her mother arranged a marriage to the son of a very wealthy pagan (non-Christian).

Lucy had other ideas and wanted to give her dowry (money from her parents given to her future husband to care for her) to feed the poor.

When her future husband found out Lucy was giving her dowry away, he became very angry and told the Roman authorities and she was martyred under the Emperor Diocletian for being a Christian.

Short video on St. Lucy  

francisxavierBorn: April 7, 1506 in Spain
Died: December 3, 1552 in China
Canonization Date: March 12, 1622 by Pope Gregory XV
Patron: African Missions, Australia, Plague Epidemics
Feast Day: December 3rd

Born on April 7, 1506 in what is now a part of Spain, Francis Xavier was a follower of St. Ignatius Loyola and was one of the first seven men to join the religious order known as the Society of Jesus - commonly referred to as "the Jesuits".

Francis Xavier wanted to spread to the Catholic faith throughout the world and traveled extensively through Asia. Through is efforts the Catholic faith found its way into India, Japan, Borneo and Indonesia. His life's desire however, was to bring the Catholic faith to Mainland China.

He never was able to attain this desire. While waiting for a boat to bring him from what is now Hong Kong to Mainland China,  Francis Xavier suffered a sever fever which killed him on December 3, 1552.

Brief Biography of St. Francis Xavier